Bless and release

Here are 5 questions to strengthen self-awareness and self-compassion today: 1. What unmet needs from your past are you bringing into your present? 2. Today can you give yourself what you wanted others to give you years ago? 3. Can you source all of the approval you...

RBG Resilience

In a year of strong gut punches, the news of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s death hit hard. When taking a gut punch the wind gets knocked out of a boxer’s lungs. She may fall down, feel unable to spring back to her feet to continue the fight. That’s how I felt this...

Allowing margin

Would you be willing to allow more margin in your life and work? No, I don’t mean profit margin. I mean space and freedom. > Space to be. > Space to receive. > Space to tap into your tuition. > Space to allow vs. strive. If the thought of allowing...

Recycle Plastic, Not Drama

I’m a huge proponent of recycling plastic, but not drama. Is there an issue that keeps coming up again and again on your team? If so, you may be committed to recycling drama. If nothing changes, where will you be in 6 months or a year? Will you still be...

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