In a year of strong gut punches, the news of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s death hit hard.

When taking a gut punch the wind gets knocked out of a boxer’s lungs. She may fall down, feel unable to spring back to her feet to continue the fight. That’s how I felt this weekend, knocked off my feet.

As I have thought about RBG’s legacy and leadership, so many words come to mind: strength, persistence, determination, grit, love, ferocity, brilliance, eloquence, and of course, dissent.

In thinking about her legacy, the word resilience keeps arising.

What does resilience look like for you?

For me, resilience is keeping an open heart in the midst of what feels like destruction and darkness all around.

Resilience is doing my own internal work to face my own blame and judgment that someone out there is supposed to fix this mess, and fast.

Resilience is being the love I want to see in the world; not waiting for others to give me permission to be bold and strong and to keep getting up when I get knocked down.

How will you build your resilience today? What will you get back on your feet for?

RBG Boxer by Nigel Buchanan

Image credit: @Nigel Buchanan
Used with permission.

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