In these last weeks of 2020, I offer these invitations from an open heart.

May you give yourself the grace to sink deeply into the present moment rather than trying to get ahead of the uncertainty of tomorrow.

May you be willing to accompany another on their journey rather than achieving solely for yourself.

May you be willing to sit with your lower and slower emotions of sadness, anger, and fear, knowing that they too will move through you if you let them.

May you find acceptance and compassion for the shadow parts of you that feel that they aren’t good enough.

May you find a way to embrace the darkness with the light that comes from your knowingness within.

May you allow yourself to honor all that you have gained and all that you have lost this year.

May you let your true brilliance shine brightly through the layers of self-protection you’ve built up just to stay safe all of these years.

May you allow what is seeking to emerge within you to bring love and healing to yourself and to the world.

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