What does it look like to build resilience instead of driving for efficiency?

Gartner’s recent report for Human Resource leaders on key trends in 2021 calls out how efficiency can actually create fragile organizations.

“HR leaders now realize that efficient organizations are actually fragile organizations. Rather than striving for efficiency, leading HR organizations recognize they need to build resilient organizations, leaders and employees so they are able to bounce back and thrive during disruptions.” (Gartner’s “Top Priorities for HR in 2021,” pg 19)

For so much of my career, I’ve been personally driven by efficiency and effectiveness as a leader. In the midst of constant Covid pivots, I see how efficiency can actually undermine resilience.

A key ingredient to build resilience for ourselves and for our teams is to create more SPACE, more FLEXIBILITY, more room for FLOW.

Here’s a game to try: When you notice your drive for efficiency, take 10 minutes to create more SPACE instead, in service of strengthening your resilience.

That could be taking 10 minutes to focus on your breathing or just sitting with the discomfort of doing “nothing.”

See what opens up when you take a break from efficiency and honor resilience instead.

Take a break from efficiency in service of resilience

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