Would you be willing to allow more margin in your life and work?

No, I don’t mean profit margin.

I mean space and freedom.

> Space to be.

> Space to receive.

> Space to tap into your tuition.

> Space to allow vs. strive.

If the thought of allowing more margin or space makes you cringe or ask, “How do I even do that?” then you’re on the right track.

Stay curious.

Are you open to see what might arise if you allow for more margin in your life?

You’ve likely already experienced the many costs of NOT allowing margin and space if you stop to really get honest.

Rather than being afraid of that open space, it’s my experience that freedom, greater creativity, and productivity are on the other side of creating margin.

Are you willing to sit with the discomfort that allowing more space may bring at first?

Can you allow the discomfort to rise and then fall back down if you don’t rush in to control it?

If resistance arises, just welcome your old friend.

Then go back to relaxing and receiving.

What opens up?

Is your organization ready for a change?

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