Love and fear

You have a choice to make right now. You get to choose between love and fear, in each and every moment. What if it’s really that simple? What if all of the distractions that you think are so important are just opportunities to practice making the choice between...

Play and rest

Efficient and effective are 2 words I have used to describe my work style for years. While they sound like positive words in a business context, both efficient and effective can be limiters to growth, innovation, and creativity when overused. Today in my group...


I just returned from a 15 day trip to 9 national parks in an RV with our family and another family who are close friends. Our trip spanned about 5,000 miles and covered the western national parks including Badlands and Wind Cave + Mt Rushmore in South Dakota; Rocky...

From Overwhelm to Creative Power

I get to work with amazing leaders every day. The leaders I coach are motivated, creative, and passionate. And, sometimes these same amazing and experienced leaders hit their wall. What used to work for them isn’t working anymore. They are so busy in execution...


You can’t shift what you can’t accept. Yesterday I had the opportunity to coach 4 people from 3 different continents. I was reminded just how much we’re all interconnected, how we’re all human, and how we all experience fear. One of the...

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