Here are 5 questions to strengthen self-awareness and self-compassion today:

1. What unmet needs from your past are you bringing into your present?

2. Today can you give yourself what you wanted others to give you years ago?

3. Can you source all of the approval you think you need from others from within?

4. What beliefs took root in you years ago that are no longer serving you?

5. What old beliefs will you bless and release today?

We carry all ages and experiences within us.

When we have an outsized reaction today there is often a trigger from years ago flaring up as reactivity.

That trigger likely formed as a protective measure to keep us safe when we didn’t have the capacity to handle something that overwhelmed us at a young age.

Just because we experienced something in our past doesn’t mean we are doomed to keep recreating it over and over in our present.

Self-aware leaders learn to see and heal unmet needs from their past. And, it doesn’t have to take a decade to feel relief. You can start recognizing and releasing old patterns and beliefs that aren’t serving you right now.

Which of the 5 questions are you willing to take on today?

Bless and release

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