May you invitations

In these last weeks of 2020, I offer these invitations from an open heart. May you give yourself the grace to sink deeply into the present moment rather than trying to get ahead of the uncertainty of tomorrow. May you be willing to accompany another on their journey...

Resisting what is

Are you currently resisting *what is*? What you resist persists. Resistance to *what is* takes many forms. Resistance looks like: > Denial > Blaming, criticizing, and judging ourselves and others > Spending energy pushing something away rather than allowing...

When fear is here

What would you do today if you weren’t afraid? What would you do today if you could feel your fear and do what you are called to do anyway? Can you allow yourself to notice and acknowledge that fear is here? Can you locate where you feel fear in your body? We often...

Bless and release

Here are 5 questions to strengthen self-awareness and self-compassion today: 1. What unmet needs from your past are you bringing into your present? 2. Today can you give yourself what you wanted others to give you years ago? 3. Can you source all of the approval you...

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