Source of your drive

Have you ever stopped to consider the source of your drive? Does your drive come from a sense of lack or not-enoughness or from a sense of empowerment? With the help of some masterful mentors and coaches I have come to realize that the drive that has made me...

Supporting Remote Teams

I’m curious to hear what you are seeing on your teams and in your remote meetings in terms of team and company culture, particularly around candor and emotional intelligence. I’ve been thinking about ways I could be supporting remote teams, and I have lots...

Ready to play big?

Asking for what I want has not come naturally to me, but growth requires discomfort. So from an uncomfortable place, I’m going to practice asking for what I want right now. I want to coach leaders who are playing really big, bold, world-changing games....

Shifting Through Play

Are you ready to change your perspective on an issue that currently feels really serious to you? Are you willing to shift from a state of threat to a state of trust? If so, one of my favorite tools is The Shift Deck from The Conscious Leadership Group. We played...

Embracing I Don’t Know

“Stephanie, you’d be more successful if you embraced your ‘I don’t know’ persona.” This was feedback I got last year that rattled me. It felt like a gut punch. What do you mean my “I don’t know” persona? I’m a strategic planner. I make a living...

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