Have you ever stopped to consider that there may be a downside to confidentiality?

When people ask me about confidentiality in a coaching session I say yes, this is a confidential session. Your story is yours. It’s not my place to share your story. That would be gossip. I will listen and reflect back with an intention for you to see yourself. I have no need to hold onto the information that you share and then somehow use it against you. Is that the fear behind your question about confidentiality?

Are you willing to do some inquiry around why you are asking this question about confidentiality in the first place?

Would you be willing to reveal to others all of your withholds?

Withholds are the things that we are too afraid to share with others for fear of rejection or lack of safety. When we reveal ourselves to others we don’t do it with the ulterior motive of changing them. We do it to be known ourselves. This is a brave choice.

In my experience, this way of living as fully revealed increases my energy substantially. When I am willing to be fully revealed, I don’t spend time or energy trying to keep things under wraps.

Are you willing to live a fully revealed life or would you prefer to continue to invest energy in your withholds?

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