What are you willing to see and reveal today that you have been keeping under wraps and otherwise afraid to name?

Personal and leadership growth is found in being willing to see the shadow parts of us that we would prefer to keep hidden.

A prompt I often use in group and individual coaching is:

> > What do you really NOT want me/us to know about you?

This question invites the shadow side to come out of hiding.

When I have been willing to voice the things that I otherwise want to hide from others, a few things happen:

– My energy soon rises after revealing what I have been bottling up.

– The thoughts that used to pop up about that thing I was suppressing stop popping up incessantly.

– I feel more connected to the person or the group.

– Through vulnerability, others feel closer to me.

Are you willing to reveal one thing that you don’t want others to know about you today?

Revealing vs concealing

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