Strategic Planning

Plan for the future.

Knowing who you are, where you’re going and how you’ll get there is vital. We specialize in guiding our clients through creating adaptive plans that will allow you to steer your organization ahead into the future with confidence.We help nonprofits navigate the inevitable changes that occur at each stage of growth. Strategic planning doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out, painful experience. There are ways to do efficient and effective planning that brings clarity and drives action.

Strategy on your side.

Here are the types of strategic planning projects we deliver for our clients:

  • Strategic plans (adaptive strategic plans; not the kind that sits on the shelf gathering dust)
  • Business model analysis
  • Earned and contributed revenue generation strategies
  • Market and situational analysis and research
  • Visioning sessions with boards
  • Interviews and round tables sessions with customers and key stakeholders
  • New product and services planning
  • Budgets to support desired strategic planning outcomes

No matter the project, Stephanie can take what seems like chaos, break the problem down into manageable pieces, prioritize, and get things done, so there’s quickly a light at the end of a once very dim tunnel.

Brian Smith


Is your strategic plan gathering dust?

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Stephanie Blackburn Freeth is the creator of The Strategy Tango.


The Strategy Tango is designed to move through seven tried and true planning steps while also accommodating the unique needs of your organization in each moment.


The Strategy Tango process is built upon a foundation of collaboration, candor, and focus.

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