When To Work With Us

We start where you are.

We engage with nonprofit organizations at key turning points: during times of growth and times when there is a clear fork in the road.  Our clients represent nonprofit organizations at all stages of growth from start-ups to organizations planning for 50 year anniversary celebrations.

Here are some of the times when Executive Directors and Board Chairs look to us for guidance and collaboration in these areas of expertise and in these situations:


  • When starting a new nonprofit: You have begun the process of filing for 501c3 status and you need a partner to help you set up the right foundation in every area of your organization from programming to fundraising to administration.
  • During board to staff transitions: You have been an all volunteer organization since inception and now you’re considering adding your first staff member.
  • In crisis situations: You are facing the possibility of having to shut your doors due to too many expenses and too little revenue.

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  • Jumpstarting strategic planning: When you need an experienced facilitator for your upcoming strategic planning retreat with your board members.
  • Creating or updating strategic plans: When you need an expert to collaborate with board and staff members to create or update your strategic plan over the course of several months.
  • When you want you want to understand how your organizational culture affects performance: You are at a stage where you are ready to measure and assess strengths and weaknesses in your organizational culture that are directly applied to organizational performance.

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  • During fundraising staff transitions: Your Development Director has moved on and that year end appeal still needs to get out the door in 2 weeks.
  • When starting capital campaigns: You are planning a capital campaign and need an experienced partner.
  • During drops in funding: Your funding sources have shifted or dried up and you need help diversifying your revenue.
  • When Executive Directors want fundraising coaching: You are a new Executive Director and would like coaching for how to become your organization’s chief fundraiser.
  • When board chairs board want fundraising training for board members: You are a Board Chair and would like to provide hands-on training for your board members who are scared to ask for money.

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  • When you need more paying customers: You have developed a great program, but now you need to fill the room with paid customers. Who are they and how to you reach them?
  • When you need to strengthen your brand: You want and need a more distinctive brand to differentiate yourselves from other organizations.
  • When you want help telling your story: You know you need to do a better job articulating what you do to fulfill your mission to all of your key partners.

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