Costs of overachieving

For the overachievers out there, I see you, and I have a question. When will you be ready to get real about the costs of your overachieving? Do any of these sound familiar? > You’re exhausted and burned out. > You haven’t taken time off recently....

Play and rest

Efficient and effective are 2 words I have used to describe my work style for years. While they sound like positive words in a business context, both efficient and effective can be limiters to growth, innovation, and creativity when overused. Today in my group...

Content and Context

What’s the difference between CONTENT and CONTEXT in the language of conscious leadership? CONTENT = The issue(the fight I had with my partner, the thing I think is keeping me stuck, the performance reviews I’m conducting with my team, etc.) CONTEXT= How...

Limiting Beliefs

Are you willing to examine the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck? Yesterday Ryan Mathie led an exercise where we wrote down in 2 columns: “What I’m telling myself” and “What I’m doing/not doing when I believe what...

From Overwhelm to Creative Power

I get to work with amazing leaders every day. The leaders I coach are motivated, creative, and passionate. And, sometimes these same amazing and experienced leaders hit their wall. What used to work for them isn’t working anymore. They are so busy in execution...

Ready to play big?

Asking for what I want has not come naturally to me, but growth requires discomfort. So from an uncomfortable place, I’m going to practice asking for what I want right now. I want to coach leaders who are playing really big, bold, world-changing games....

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