Are you currently resisting *what is*?

What you resist persists.

Resistance to *what is* takes many forms.

Resistance looks like:

> Denial

> Blaming, criticizing, and judging ourselves and others

> Spending energy pushing something away rather than allowing it to be

Many ancient traditions say that resistance is the root of all human suffering, not that thing we are resisting.

While we cannot control many external circumstances including Covid, we do have a choice when it comes to doubling down on resistance or allowing *what is* to be here.

In my experience when I can observe my own resistance and allow or accept *what is* to be here just as it is without needing it to change, my suffering starts to dissipate.

The external circumstance didn’t change, but I choose to stop wasting energy on resistance.

Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation.

Acceptance isn’t a spiritual bypass.

It takes great courage and strength to accept and allow *what is* to be.

From that place, your decision-making isn’t starting from a place of fight, flight, or freeze.

Will you choose more freedom or more suffering?

Are you willing to see your own resistance to *what is* and then let it go?

Resisting what is

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