What would you do today if you weren’t afraid?

What would you do today if you could feel your fear and do what you are called to do anyway?

Can you allow yourself to notice and acknowledge that fear is here?

Can you locate where you feel fear in your body?

We often feel fear in our belly. It’s that feeling of a pit in our stomach. Sometimes we feel fear as anxiety and dread in other parts of our body.

Would you be willing to accept the fear rather resist it?

Let fear pass through rather than hold onto it or shove it back down?

Would you be willing to inquire with curiosity about what fear is here to tell you?

Maybe it’s here to wake you up. Call your attention to something.

It can seem like there is so much to fear “out there” these days.

When we try to protect ourselves from fear, we can unknowingly project that fear outward onto others. We can re-create what we fear the most and reinforce an exaggerated fear loop that can be tough to break.

What if what you think is scary “out there” is also an invitation to turn inward and face what you haven’t been willing to see or acknowledge within yourself?

What would you do today if you could feel your fear and do what you are called to do anyway?

When fear is here

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