The inner game runs the outer game. That means the consciousness of our internal landscape shapes how we experience our external world. When we pay attention to the inner game of emotions, beliefs, and body sensations, we have new access to different kinds of data.

5 signs you are playing an OUTER game:

1. To solve problems you turn to technical solutions to “figure it out.”
2. You skip over emotions to get the task completed.
3. You focus on frameworks and experts as primary ways to make decisions.
4. Your focus is on external situations and what you need to DO in response to pivot.
5. You think the solution is “out there.”

5 signs you are playing an INNER game:

1. You tune into centers of intelligence besides intellect. This means paying attention to EQ (emotional intelligence) and BQ (body intelligence).
2. You can feel emotions passing through without repressing them or overly identifying with them.
3. You respond in the now rather than getting triggered and reactive by a past experience.
4. You can access “the witness.” It’s that part of you that watches thoughts and emotions arise and pass through.
5. You are willing to question your own thoughts and beliefs.

So are you playing an outer game or an inner game?

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