Do you have a personal board of directors?

The board of directors I’m talking about are not other people you go to for advice or those who are legally and financially responsible for leading your organization.

The board of directors I’m talking about are exiled parts within you that are operating unconsciously in the shadows.

Sometimes you deny or repress these parts because they may also bring up feelings of sadness, anger, or fear.

When I coach leaders, any issue that comes up today is usually linked back to one of these parts that they haven’t been willing to truly get to know.

The good news is that by bringing these parts out of the shadows, you can learn to receive their gifts and then seat them properly around your board of directors’ table.

You already know that these parts have a lot to say but you usually choose to ignore them.

When these parts become integrated and assembled as your personal board of directors, you can turn to them to get their wisdom, and then make your decision as a conscious leader who isn’t unknowingly stuck in a past reactive pattern.

Are you willing to start building from your own board of directors from within? I’d love to show you how.

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