What’s the difference between CONTENT and CONTEXT in the language of conscious leadership?

CONTENT = The issue
(the fight I had with my partner, the thing I think is keeping me stuck, the performance reviews I’m conducting with my team, etc.)

CONTEXT= How am I being with the issue?
(Am I being with the issue from a state of threat or from a state of trust?)

I’ve spent a lot of years getting caught up in content. It can be a tail-chasing experience that leads nowhere fast.

Since I’ve learned to practice and share conscious leadership principles, I have learned that content resolves more easily when I first get aware of the context from which I’m seeing the issue.

Am I seeing the content from a state of threat or trust? Often, it’s threat and fear that is blocking me from seeing new possibilities.

If you’d like some support for gaining new awareness around the context of your particular content, I invite you to book a call with me. I love to support senior leaders who have felt the cost of staying in drama and are ready to explore other ways of showing up as leaders.

Content vs Context

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