When we were in Yellowstone National Park recently there were so many amazing sights to behold in nature: from Old Faithful geyser spewing many feet into the air . . . to watching herds of bison . . . to being in awe of towering waterfalls, canyons, and rock formations.

In the midst of a gloriously sunny day, I was also drawn to focus on a less stunning but perhaps more poignant sight. I noticed a huge contrast between the beauty of Yellowstone Lake on one side of the road and the remnants of forest fires on the other.

I was drawn to really take in the jarring image of scarred trees still standing with other fallen trees scattered haphazardly. It was a landscape mixed with destruction and also new growth, side by side. It was nature in its cycle of death and rebirth.

In the midst of destruction, the forest fires had produced the same qualities needed for rejuvenation and new growth.

I was struck in that instant about how the same is true right now in the midst of this pandemic. Amidst the destruction that this virus is bringing, there are also seeds being sown for rebirth and rejuvenation.

Many of these seeds may not produce visible growth for years to come, but they can be planted now.

What seeds are you planting today even amidst destruction?

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