Are you willing to examine the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck?

Yesterday Ryan Mathie led an exercise where we wrote down in 2 columns:

“What I’m telling myself” and “What I’m doing/not doing when I believe what I’m telling myself.”

It was a powerful experience. Here are just a few items on my list:

> I’m not good enough.

> No one wants to hear what I have to say.

> They might reject me if I reach out.

In doing this exercise I realized that none of these limiting beliefs are true. They are just old programming that supposedly keeps me safe but in reality, just keep me fearful, small, and protected.

When I believe these thoughts I don’t take action. I don’t reach out and connect deeply with others. I don’t share what I’ve learned.

After I wrote these down I put a BIG RED X through all of them. None of them are true.

Are you willing to face your own limiting beliefs?

Are they true?

What actions do you take or not take when you believe what you are telling yourself?

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