“In the experience of growth, pressure plays a critical role. Reactive leaders often revert to seeing obstacles when they encounter a challenge. Alternatively, conscious leaders welcome this experience because they see the benefit of pressure; it either causes them to wake up and take action or allows new things to come forth. Before something changes, it usually breaks down first.”

From commitment 13 (Experiencing the World as an Ally) in “The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership,” by Jim DethmerDiana Chapman, and Kaley Klemp.

So much seems to be breaking down all around us.

And, we have a choice.

We can see what is breaking down as an obstacle or as an opportunity for growth.

Conscious leaders choose to see everything as an opportunity to wake up, to grow, to take new action.

When we have a “to me” mindset, we feel that the world is conspiring against us. Problems are happening “to me.” When we have a “by me” mindset, we can choose to create our own reality and prioritize learning over being right.

If you are experiencing something that you perceive to be an obstacle, stop and ask yourself:

If this situation were perfectly suited for my highest learning, what do I get to learn about myself and about life?

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