Have you ever stopped to consider the source of your drive?

Does your drive come from a sense of lack or not-enoughness or from a sense of empowerment?

With the help of some masterful mentors and coaches I have come to realize that the drive that has made me “successful” won’t get me where I want to be now. My drive does not bring fulfillment or peace of mind or the space to allow for serendipity.

Many leaders are afraid that if they allow their drive to soften, they might fall apart. Other leaders fear that if they stop driving their team from fear, they will lose all control. Corporate cultures reward drive, but the cost is borne by individuals.

What’s the cost of your drive?

Does it show up in at 2:00 am when you can’t sleep?

Does it show up in not being able to stop working for fear of getting behind?

I have gradually learned that when the source of my drive comes from a sense of not-enoughness, no amount of work or accomplishment fills that void.

Only acceptance of myself from a place of deep self-compassion softens my drive and creates the space that allows life to unfold, without me pushing it along.

What might happen if you soften your drive by 10% or even 25% today?

Are you willing to allow life to unfold while you sit back in awe?

Is your organization ready for a change?

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