I’m curious to hear what you are seeing on your teams and in your remote meetings in terms of team and company culture, particularly around candor and emotional intelligence.

I’ve been thinking about ways I could be supporting remote teams, and I have lots of questions. Here are 4 questions I’m curious about across industries:

1. How candid are conversations on your team when you are using technology tools like Zoom? Is there more conflict or less?

2. Are people defaulting to blame and criticism or are they taking more responsibility?

3. Are people able to talk about what they are feeling and experiencing in a way that builds connections or are conversations about feelings and emotions off-limits?

4. When you think about your team culture and remote work continuing for months, what skills are you looking to develop or practice? Would you like some help with that?

If you are a leader who is looking for support in how to have more productive, candid, and emotionally intelligent conservations within your team while working remotely, let’s chat.

I’d love to hear what radical support could look like for you. I invite you to book time on my calendar to explore the possibilities. Here is the link to book a 30-minute conversation.

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