Are you ready to change your perspective on an issue that currently feels really serious to you?

Are you willing to shift from a state of threat to a state of trust?

If so, one of my favorite tools is The Shift Deck from The Conscious Leadership Group.

We played with The Shift Deck yesterday in the group coaching I facilitated. Lots of shifts occurred and laughter replaced seriousness.

I asked each person to identify an issue where they are ready to shift from a state of threat to a state of threat. Then I started pulling cards.

The first card: “Grab a prop and exaggerate your current attitude.”

The second: “Hop on one foot and flap your arms while talking about your issue.”

Another card: “Sing everything you want to say for the next minute. Pick one of these styles: Opera * Rock * Country * Rap”

The Shift Deck works great with kids and co-workers alike. If you want to buy your own Shift Deck see this link.

Are you ready to shift from fear to trust? If so, play a little. See what loosens up.

The Shift Deck from The Conscious Leadership Group
The Shift Deck from The Conscious Leadership Group

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