So when you and your team left your last Zoom meeting, how clear were your agreements?

The #1 source of drama in teams is unclear agreements.

Agreements are as simple as:

Who will do what by when?

Think about when decisions are made in a meeting but then no one on the team says:
When will this get done? Who is going to do it? What happens if that deadline isn’t met?

Also, think about the costs of not having clear agreements. Those costs often show up as toxic gossip, missing revenue targets, lowering morale, reinforcing silos between teams, and the list goes on.

Today I am facilitating a Zoom webinar with a client who wants to learn how to create impeccable agreements in their organization. Learning how to make clear agreements and how to clean up broken agreements is a game-changer that can affect every part of your business.

For more resources on living a life of integrity and making clear agreements, see this short video from the Conscious Leadership Group. Maybe even play it in your next team meeting.

If you’d like support in learning how to create clear agreements on your team, let me know. I love supporting teams in creating clear agreements that minimize drama.

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