So yesterday Ryan Mathie helped me face my fear of going big, speaking up, and sharing more publicly what I have learned and experienced. I realized I’ve been a ravenous, but sometimes selfish learner who hasn’t given myself permission to fully reveal that which has been transformative in my life. Yesterday I confronted my fear around risking my safety and losing control of the narrative if I “go big” and speak up.

And then the lightbulb went on. 

I laughed while saying to myself: Withholding your voice in the midst of this crisis is as bad as hoarding toilet paper. Don’t hoard the toilet paper out of fear. Raise your voice in service. Inspire others to share their voices and their hearts. 

What if we could all take full advantage of the experiences and learnings that have prepared us for this moment? What can we learn now that only this moment can teach us? What are we willing to reveal to each other about what we are learning?

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